Cordarrelle Patterson

Cordarrelle PattersonCordarrelle Patterson -WR- 6’2 – 216  (Tennessee)

This guy has superstar written all over him. A JUCO transfer with only one season of big boy film. Reminds me so much of former Alabama receiver and current Atlanta Falcon star Julio Jones. Both are physical receivers with superior deep speed. Both are almost impossible to take down with one tackler. Patterson might be a little shiftier with the ability to go from 60 to 0 back to 60 in the open field. He’s a tremendous threat on special teams having returned punts and kicks for TD’s this year. He often lined up at tailback (In an I Formation non-the-less) in film that I reviewed as well. His 46 receptions for 778 yds and 5 Td’s were all very respectable in his lone season in Knoxville…..Noted that he’s a very willing blocker as well.

I reviewed the Florida game because I respect what UF provides on defense. He had 8 catches for 75 yds with a TD. Most of the catches against this physical defense were of the short variety. He caught about three slant routes and let all three get into his body. As a matter of fact throughout all the film I watched he consistently let balls get into his pads. This was a criticism I had of Julio Jones coming out of Bama as well. More often than not balls are dropped or stripped when not secured with hands. He must improve on this to truly become the superstar I predict he will be. He has some drops in key moments one being a 50 yd bomb against UGA this past season. After a tremendous move to beat press coverage – he outran the corner (Future NFL’er Damian Swann) and had a good 3 steps on him and flat-out dropped the perfectly thrown pass. Same play – same result in this particular game as well. Nice get off at the LOS with a good 2 steps and tried to one hand it in and couldn’t pull it off. But one play at the end of the 3rd quarter showed a flash of brilliance. While being pressed on an out route to the sideline – the defender held Patterson and was in perfect position to pick of the pass. CP used his big frame to shield himself while making a diving catch that looked impossible!

I expect Patterson to run b/w a 4.38 – 4.45 at the combine which should solidify him being a first round pick and possibly the first receiver off the board. Places to watch for: Miami (12th pick), Carolina(14), Rams(16), Steelers(17). CP is the most exciting prospect I’ve reviewed because of his versatility. Someone needs to trade up and grab this guy as he is on par with AJ Green/Julio Jones/Demaryius Thomas as far as the new breed of talent.

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